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This #doodlediary is part of my role as online author-in-residence for the online library charity Living Paintings. Here, you’ll see my regular blog (including unseen photographs and additional material linked to these diaries). You can also explore all about the fabulous work they do producing tactile books etc, for the blind and visually impaired by clicking on the homepage.


I’m delighted to announce my new role as online author-in-residence for the amazing charity Living Paintings. They are publishers that adapt books, creating touch and see versions for the blind and visually impaired, offering an online library service throughout the UK.

My aim is to post, once a month, a doodle diary on their Wigwam blog. I’ll be chatting about how I go about spending my time writing and illustrating children’s books. I don’t know where it will lead but I hope you drop by and join me over the coming months…

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I’ve been lazy with this blog now for a while. Twitter and Facebook seem to be more appealing. So I’m around. Just not here so much. Anyway, I’ll drop by again soon.

Not so much lazy, more distracted. Maybe I’m a bit harsh on myself. Maybe…


It’s never over until the fat lady sings…

So here’s a thing; three weeks after delivering the final a/w for HUGLESS DOUGLAS GOES TO LITTLE SCHOOL, the early proofs are back and the considered opinion (myself included), is that the story isn’t reading as smoothly as it should be. So, for the first time in my 20 years in publishing, I have *reopened the file* and am replacing two spreads…with these.

Ah well, better get on, under 3 weeks before my summer break…

D6 sp1D6 sp2


Summer doodles & Funny Bunnies

A quick update, sorry I haven’t posted for a while (I wonder how many blogs start that way). It’s certainly been a busy time. Last week I finally delivered a/w for the new title HUGLESS DOUGLAS GOES TO LITTLE SCHOOL, which will eventually be published Spring 2015.

D6 art














Since then I’ve had year another wee knee operation (that’s four since Jan 2012, but who’s counting). Still, on the bright side, I’ve been working from home, which means I get to sit in the sunny garden and draw silly pictures for the forthcoming series I’m working on with wonderful author Vivian French.














And while I’m at it, a big thank you to my publisher Hodder Children’s Books for their Congratulations on Publication Day! Today, the two FUNNY BUNNIES board books are available…

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A spread form FUNNY BUNNIES RAIN OR SHINE (a board book of weather)…

Blog 3

A spread from FUNNY BUNNIES Up and Down (a board book of opposites)…

Blog 4