The Twitter Effect

Ideas come from here, there and everywhere. And lately, there seems to be a flurry inspired by Twitter. When I first started tweeting I was worried it would take me away from my sketchbook during those precious spare moments when I do such things. But actually it often has the opposite effect. I’ll find myself following a thread of conversation, a string of random comments, often bizarre and funny. And the next thing I know I’m drawing about them. Usually very quick scribbles, but it all counts!¬†Other times I’ll tweet a sketch and the comments I get back will trigger further drawing

Here, in no particular order, are a recent collection of doodles that have have been a direct result of twitter…

Bunny Fudge

Floaty Witches

Zombie Digger

Mummified Digger

The Rat catcher



Angel vs Demon (on going theme)

Some of these drawings triggered the question from some that they wondered what went on inside my mind. It immediately reminded me of a lovely little cartoon by the late Mel Calman who sums it up nicely, I think…

So there we have it. Yes, twitter can also be an activity that on occasion I find myself thinking that perhaps I should be doing something else a little more constructive. On the other hand, I’ve definitely found my sketchbook filling up with some surprising material. I put it down to the quality of my followers.

What that says about them, and me for that matter, I’ll let you be the judge.

One comment on “The Twitter Effect

  1. Zoe on said:

    Love the bunny fudge! And the birds are especially delightful.

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