Published today (I think), or tomorrow…or maybe next week. But really, any day now.

A simple counting board book. Exclusive to Sainsbury’s for a limited period (as they say). Goodness, my first advertisement on this blog. I need a lie down.

3 comments on “SPLOSH!

  1. Clara on said:

    It looks absolutely lovely! What sweet ducklings, and what a delectable riot of colour (and please do advertise – we WANT to know!)…

  2. David on said:

    Thanks Clara! It’s funny, the promo aspect here just struck me as being well, funny. But I guess that’s really the point of the blog – and all that that entails…!

  3. nicole snitselaar on said:

    and that’s why I asked my sister who lives in england to look for your book for me!

    Do you realise that if we want to leave a comment we have a password to type…
    pffffffffffffff and a long one!

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