Plink! Plonk!

A familiar theme revisited. A while ago I posted an image not dissimilar to this, involving a love-sick sheep. Well, I did this piece after spending a farcical three days trying to put up a garden shed last summer (I think the instructions suggested 4 hours). I’m not good with stuff like this. Never have been. It’s a pity the shed in the garden doesn’t look as good as this one.

Here was the first version I mentioned.

2 comments on “Plink! Plonk!

  1. Clara on said:

    What a great pic! I love the aghast face peeping around the door…
    luckily being an artist is a finer skill than being a shed-putter-upper – at least I hope it is.

    • David on said:

      Well, we can’t be good at everything, right? That’s what I keep telling myself anyway. My kids, on the other hand, just think I’m ‘rubbish.’ (Bless their wholesome little hearts).

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