5 comments on “#doodlediary June

  1. patchcath on said:

    Agenda bien rempli, beaucoup d’idées, et des rencontres insolites

    • David on said:

      Thank you. Yes, busy times. Actually, I think drawing all this stuff will help me make sense of some of the things I do…

      …or not!

  2. Wendy Mallas on said:

    I know who that is! It’s Major-General Sir Scally Canis-Lupus. He’s a terrible snob and a bit of a lush. He was blacklisted by his clan after a ‘never to be mentioned again’ incident with a candelabra and a balloon. He has a fearful and powerful air about him, but really he’s just a big wuss. A sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  3. rekaplein on said:

    would like a diary like this!

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