4 days to National Hug day

This is my first ever Dance Hug!


Okay, you go first, then it’s my turn.


You wait for a Hugless Douglas Competition and then three come along at once. Some great prizes including fluffy Hugless Douglas slippers! But quickly, the one of these finishes midnight tonight. So heck out these fabulous blogs:

Child-Led Chaos

The Book Sniffer

Hachette Children’s Books

Good Luck!

7 days to National Hug Day

 Do you think I should hug him before or after I put his helmet on?



Win Signed Books!

Where’s Hugless Douglas Competition!

To be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of Hugless Douglas by David Melling, decide where Douglas is in both pictures, and find the correct co-ordinates of his location on the map. For more details click here:

Quick : offer closes midnight 15th January 2013!


And get a chance to meet Douglas with me on Monday 21st January, National Hug Day. More details here:

Hopefully see you there! 


I found this sheet of goblin scribbles at the bottom of a draw recently. I’m often asked if there are any more GOBLINS books planned. Sadly, time has run out for these little tinkers. My creaking schedule just can’t make it happen and the longer I leave it the more unlikely the chances of revisiting them. It’s a shame and I’m a little sad. I do miss writing young fiction and it’s something I plan to look at again. Soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, a good twitter-friend of mine, Anne-Marie, recently posted a lovely review on her blog Child-Led Chaos about the GOBLINS! series which I thought I’d share with you  here. Do visit here again soon for regular postings on life, books and the secret to raising two kids with a smile!

Note: I’m having problems adding a link to the site so until I can resolve the issue please visit Anne-Marie’s blog here: www.childledchaos.me.uk